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Februrary 24 20222 feels just like yesterday it was on this day that Russia invaded Ukraine every WEstern expert had something to say some complex reasoning to give and most tof them use one common line they said it’s Europe’s first conflict since world war II on the first attack on European sovereignty since 1945 you may remember some of them commentary but last year at the United Nations one leader sisputed it he siad hold on yes Ukraine is going through a tough time but it is not the first European War since 1945 that leader was Alemnder Vucich he is the president of Serbia many say that this was the first conflict on the European soil after the World War II but the truth that the territorial integrity of a contry in Europe Serbia as a matter of fact which did not attack any othe sovereign country was violated is constantly unfpoken which war is he talking about you wan’t see many memorials about it nor will you hear calls or accoutability because this war was waged by NATO and the victim was Serbia or as it was called thn Yugoslavia in 1999 nato bombed the country into the stone Age slodiers civilains and childredn were all killed in one blow NATO broke a country apar how and why did they do it time for a flashback.

Let me show you a map of Europe we will zoom into this part in the Southeast it is called the Balkans at the end of world War II this area was one country the Socialist Federal Republic of yugoslavia it was a union of six different nationalities Serbia Montenegro Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatia North Machedonia and Solvenia and six are independent countries now but in 1946 they were one here in India we say there is unity in diversity not in Yugoslavia though their diversity was more aggressive and volatile until 1991 this was not much of a problem it was a communist country it is a diversity or not you kept your mouth shut but in 1991 communism fell across Eastern Europe suddenly there was nothing to suppress Yugoslavia’s ethnic tensions so this is what happened the country Split Bonsia Croatia Slovenia and Macedonia left but Serbia and Montenegro did not they became the new Yugoslavia around this time another internal conflict was brewing this involved Kosovo now Sosovo was a Serbian province if you ask serbias they will say it is the heart of their nationhood but by the mid 1990s Kosovo had new residents Albanian Muslim and they began asking for Independence but Serbia’s president would have none of it this man Slobodan Miilservic at first the kosovan’s struggle was non vilent but in 1996 tge KLA was set up their strategy was quite simple if deplomacy and peace won’t work let’s fight this out the KLA has been accused of multiple war crimes like kidnappings riots arson even murders and summary excutions as the vilolence spreadd Serbia craked down if you thought the KLA was bad well Serbia was worse world powers did try to stop this madness the Western Russian created something called the contact group now they had four proposals immdiate ceasefire the withdrawal of Serbian soliders return of all refugees and full access to International monitors miloservic agreed to most of this yet violence continued the Kosovo Libration Army used the ceasefire to regroup when they attacked Serbia hit back it was bloody and ruthless vilence during all this time the United Nations Security council was on the job in Yugoslavia. It also imposed an arms embargo on the country it also called for talks with Albanians but NATO was not satisfied they wanted to do more in October 1998 the alliance issued a threat to Yugoslavia to stop the violence or face air strikes Milosevic was spooked he agreed to stop the offensive but next year in 1999 the violence resumes some last-ditch talks were held in France the Albanian side was ready to strike a deal but Milosevic was not he moved more soldiers and tanks into Kosovo the choice was now NATO’s and they chose violence.

On March 24 the airstrikes began they continued for almost three months 78 days to be precise it was called Operation Allied Force NATO piolets flew 38 000 sorties out of them more than 10 000 were for airstrikes the brutality in the number NATO dropped around 420 000 bombs on Yugoslavia this included 15 tons of depleted uranium bomb and cluster munitions once that are now banned by 123 countries NATO used them liberally in the year 1999. Did the United Nations sanctions any of this of course not neither did the security council approve of it NATO unilaterally decided to intervene they wanted to teach Milosevic a lesson nothing was spared in the bombing of bridges hospitals schools embassies factories everything was baggy around 1000 Yugoslav soldiers were killed along with 500 civilians Serbia says the number is much higher around 2500 fatalities later reports confirmed violations of international humanitarian laws guess how many NATO officials were held accountable for all of this zero fact hey actively hit their war crimes. I have a story for you in April 1999 NATO struck a Railway Bridge in Yugoslavia they hit a passenger train around 20 people were killed all of them civilians U.S general apologized for this mistake he showed everyone a video of traveling too fast apparently there was no time to divert the bomb people said okay and moved on but as it turned out the general light NATO had doctored the bombing video it was shown at three times the normal speed that trains why? So it would seem like the train was going too fast and no one took the fall for this lie the U.S called it a technical error and the general retired as a decorated four-star officer and even ran for president in the year 2004 this was the reality of NATO’s.

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