Some Interesting Facts About CHANDRAYAAN – 3

India once again gearing up to make history, Chandrayaan -3 is all set for launched it has reached the Satishthavan Space Center in Sriharikota for its launch in July all eyes are on the lunar spacecraft the mood is both upbeat and apprehensive upbeat because astral scientits are confident that this mission will be a success and apprehensive because the memories of chandrayaan -2 are still fresh as you know Chandrayaan 3’s predecessor fell shor of expectations it was September 6 in the year 2019 Chandrayaan 2 was in the last leg of an otherwise successful mission but the vessel carrting a lot of hope and precious equipment to study the moon’s surface stopped responding it was a Grim Day for Indian around the world contact with the Vikram Lander was lost the ISRO Chief broke down you might have already seen the videos prime minister Narendra Modi was seen consoling him 20 days later Chandrataan 2’s remains were found scattered on the lunar surface but what happened happened India did not lose hope at four years on Israel scientist are back with Chandrayaan three it’s all set to launch in about a month and what is its objective primarily to carry out a soft landing on the moon only the U.S, China and the Soviet Union have achieved this feat so far private firms have also tried in 2019 an Isreali spacecrat crashed into the moon moments before its scheduled touchdown more recently on the 25th of April 2023 the hakuto lander built by a Japanese space technology firm also failed.

If Chandrayaan 3 lands safely on the moon India wiil join the success Club and what happens after the landing the spacecraft will be carrying a Lander and a Rover it will deploy them near the South Pole of the moon what for to explore the lunar sufce and Carry out scientific experiments and how much is all of this going to cost REports say roughly 600 crores rupees that is close to 73 million dollars row you see is know for its cost effective and low budget space missions you remember Mongolian India’s Mars orbiter which was launched in 2013 it was a massive success it was merely a technology demonstrator it was designed for a lifespan of six months and yet it lived for about eight years in the Martian orbit eight long years and how much did it cost 470 crore rupees that’s roughly 57 million dollars and guess what it was cheaper then the Hollywood space movie Gravity released the same year the film had a budget of a hundred millions dollars almost double the cost of Mongolian Hollywood’s sci-fi hit interstellar cost about 165 milion dollars meanwhile Chandrayaan 2 was worth 800 crores rupees or 97 million dollars can you believe this Astro can put full-blown satellite into the space with less money involved than Holleywood films the space agency has come a long way there was a time when ISRO did not hae mainframe computes the picture on your screen is from 1981. Space equipment was hauled on bullet cards for testing but as they say, perseverance takes your place scientists made spacecraft with limited infrastructure and industrial sheds ISRO always came true and today it is helping countries launch their satellites.

Chandrayan 3 can take India to new heights but it is not the only Indian spacecraft venturing into space Aditya L1 also is set to take off in July it will be India’s Maiden space-based mission to study the Sun the spacecraft will make a journey of 1.5 million kilometers it also has a nominal budget of 378 crores rupees that is almost 46 million dollars and then we have the Gaganyan the mission is still in the making but significant developments are going to take place this year experts suggest it could take flight by the year-end and this mission takes things a step further it aims to launch Indian astronauts into space the Indian Air Force is the primary option for crew selection several candidates are already undergoing training to become astronauts ISRO is working full Throttle on this complex mission 2023. looks we-rounded for ISRO it has Chandrian 3 for the moon Aditya L1 for the Sun and Gaganyan for the Indian crew in space not to forget ISRO has made several successful space launches this year already the most promising one was that of LVM3 in March ISRO’s heaviest payload rocket took off with 36 one web satellites on board weighing 5800 kilograms the satellites were stationed in the low earth orbit this was the second batch of satellites in association with the Uk’s network access Associates limited the first one was launched back in October 2022. There is a lot of excitement around Chandrayaan 3. The first Chandryaan was a success the second one had its shortcomings and now all hope rides on the third one will India make History? Scientists are quite optimistic and the countdown begins.

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