Emerging Technologies That Will Change The Future

You know one of the reasons why we’re able to succeed so well as a species is our ability to invent and develop new technologies to improve our lives. Never has this been so true as in the Modern age where it seems things that were once unimaginable are being revealed on a regular basis.
There are some truly astonishing things that are currently in development and have the potential to affect our lives for the better from the AIS that help with everyday tasks to the new form of communication and ways to clean our planet. It’s time to take a depth look at 10 emerging technologies that change the world.

#5. GPT-3

Tech companies around the world in a race to develop the first full artificial intelligence but these are steps along the way arguably going to be far more impactful on the technology around us and how we are lives. One of these concepts is the idea of deep learning whereby computer algorithms can read our behaviors which we have done in past and automatically find solutions to improve future performance. And one of the interesting forms of this is called GPS -3 DEVELOPED BY OPEN ai it is the third generation of the language prediction model and the idea is that based on learning by itself it’s able to write the text in the way there humans do its one of the most difficult types of human imitation and this latest attempt is almost unbelievable described recently as being one of the most interesting and important AI system ever produced. GPT-3  will further blur the lines of reality and you may well find yourself reading loose articles or novels that haven’t had any human involvement whatsoever. You’re probably familiar with the recent release of chat gtp that showcase this technology to this world and it’s already being incorporated into Microsoft’s product like teams in Bang where it will automatically schedule appointment take details notes and be able to provide you with a custom and relevant response to your questions with Google and other hot on heels. In the next year or so we will see the world truly change with the introduction of AI technologies. Ways we can’t imagine yet.

Satellite Constellations

As the cost of launching into orbit are a bit reduced and with the improvement and component design potential uses of space technologies a number of big tech companies are now exploring the feasibility of creating their own satellite constellations the idea of a network of satellites to perform a role isn’t exactly new after all there are sex different navigation satellite constellations like GPS and a number of one way and two communications satellite constellations but these have traditionally only used a few does not used to operate few dozen modes to operate recently space X is being a creating a constellation of its own called Starlink which will when it’s complete provide access across most of the planet amazingly this involves posting as many as 12 000 satellites on orbit to give optimal coverage and while the company may be paying the way it’s not the only organization looking at doing this. Boeing one web and Amazon are also looking to develop their own constellation to provide internet access and this might be just scratching the surface of what they can be used for. If you look up when it’s dark you might just be able to see some of the satellites already and the progress continues at the current rate. The night sky might soon be full of that.

3D Printing

3D printing has had a varied history since it first started being used in the 1980s and even until recently it’s only being will use for very specific tasks essentially feeding liquid material into a chamber and by applying layer upon layer being able to create a 3D object. It is a technique that’s mostly will know through creating small plastics object or replacement components for certain devices. As our understanding of materials has improved well 3 d printing is able to make objects out of different substances and is becoming seen as potentially the future of manufacturing from clothing and food to medical devices and the ability to rapidly prototype new designs the possibilities are endless but perhaps the most exciting area is how it will change larger projects there are already a number of building from around the world that has been built by 3D printers parts and this is going to become even remarkable more common instead of needing to ship in all the different type of bricks and other parts needed to build a house all that’s needed is a supply the basic material and a printer everything can be manufactured on-site it will reduce transport needs waste and increase efficiency and could mean new house can be made in a fraction of times they currently take.

Lithium Metal Battery

 There is a focus right now on moving away from energy that produces emissions and one of the best ways to do this is to convert everything we use to run on electricity as long as the electricity comes from green sources that are the major stride have been made in this in the past couple of decades but one of the biggest limiting factors is the capability of the batteries. Currently, the most reliable and cost-effective design that is used is a Lithium Ion battery but these have limits on how much they can charge and how quickly they can be done.  As well as some concerns about their safety if they are damaged a company called Quatuoam Scape is, however, developing an alternative which instead of having liquid parts like a lithium-ion battery is solidly known as the lithium metal batteries. These new emerging technologies play an important role in the development of new world-class technologies because our future heavily depends upon lithium metal

The test from the company’s early test suggested that they could eventually increase the range of an electric vehicle by as much as 80 percent and it could be recharged in just a fraction of the time.


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