List Of The World Most Expensive Motorhome

New London Aire

Starting at around 895 thousands dollars that is a bargain the Newmar London air is the company’s leading model and is available with a choice of six different floor plans at 45 feet or 13.7 meters long, this motorhome is built on a Spartan k3 tag axle chassis and it has an engine that produces 600 horsepower each of the interior layouts have a rear bathroom and a master bedroom with a  king sized bed and the options of a dining area a kitchen an entertainment space sofa beds jacknife sofas further hidden beds and plenty of TVs there is also a Bose sound system a satellite dish and an exterior entertainment system making it the center of the party wherever you want to host it there are cathedral ceilings to give you a really spacious feel and the option of a fully sliding wall that can open out into a patio space to neatly transition into the outside world there are four exterior decoration options as well as countless choices of wood leather and upholstery if used in side along with drivers AIDS and a newly designed suspension system to ensure that it is just as comfortable on the road as it is when it is stationary

Renegade Ikon

Icon as their flagship product the icon takes all of renegade’s expertise packaged into one vehicle in what they claim is the most powerful luxury coach ever built with a powerful 600 horsepower engine this motorhome features tandem rear drive axles that have up to 30 000 pounds or almost 14 000 kilos of towing capacity which is a feature that most other luxury motor homes overlook this doesn’t mean it lacks in amenities either the interior takes on a classical design with a private bathroom and master bedroom to the rear and a kitchen living area and second bathroom in the center there are three floor plans on offer which slightly alter the ceiling height the position of the counters and where the furniture is installed and the company uses premium branded appliances wherever possible there are stainless steel fitting in the bathrooms heated floors throughout and Villa ultra leather furniture meaning that no matter where you choose to be in the motorhome you will be in the lap of luxury renegade offers nine exterior styling so you will stand out wherever you go features a suite of driver aids to make getting to your destination as safe and as simple as possible with further options of high capacity batteries solar panels a satellite and LED lights inside and out you will never want to go back home

Morello Empire Liner

The empire liner is one of the latest models by German manufacturer Morello with the company aiming to make it as close to feeling like a home on wheels as possible the 40 feet or 12 meter long vehicle is built on a Mercedes-Benz atiego chassis and there are 12 different configurations on offer most of them have the master bedroom at the rear followed by a bathroom then a large spacious living area this is fitted with clever lighting and panoramic roof windows ergonomic seat cushions TVs and plenty of storage space and the supremely comfortable driver’s seat is raise to give a much better vantege point over the road the exterior is just as surprising with a sporty look and smooth lines and the companies built it with thicker walls than usual that allows for the internal climate to be kept constant every spare part has benn converted into storage space and the empire liner has a secret weapon hidden in its rear an optional garage that is large enought to fit several bicycle motorbikes or enen a porsche or ferrari that way you can use the empire liner to set up home whenever you want and continue to travel in style once you are there

Monaco Dynasty 45 P

With a starting price of just over 600 Grand The Monaco Dynasty 45 P is a luxury motorhome that the company’s been building and improving for more than a decade filled with a six-cylinder Cummins engine it has a generous and spacious ensuite bathroom behind the master bedroom and a huge living area with a kitchen dining area and entertainment space there is room in total for four people o sleep inside but further customization options are available too that can further increase that it’s fully out with Sony televisions a satellite dish for connectivity and plus leather cushioning on the seats there is even a fireplace in the living area for both aesthetic and functional purposes it measures just under 45 feet or about 13.7 meters long and offers a towing capacity of fifteen thousands pounds driver raids such as rear and front cameras and proximity sensor all comes as standard which with the custom designed padded seats means that this RV is just as comfortable to drive as it is to live in

Newell Coach P 50

the Newell coach P 50 is the premium offering from the company and is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious motorhomes available with a mid entry floor plan this motorhome has a master bedroom and a bothroom as well as a living area kitchen and entertainment Zone to add extra capacity there are twoi sliding storage beds and the optiona for surther hidden beds as well it features the latest technology such as keyless entry smart devices and an informent system that is comptible with the main mobile operating systems and it’s got three large 4K TVs a satellite receiver and anthony Gallo surround speakers in the front salon the driver’s seat has six way power adjustment heating cooling and massage options and extra suspensions while the passenger seat has the same with the addition of a power recliner and power foot rest there are camerasl to provide a 360 degree view around the vehicvle and the latest driving assistance systems to keep you driving on the road for as long as you need all of the fittings have the highest quality materials such as imported wood form around the world the world quartz countertops a premium two tone laminate cabinetry fgurther option of solar panneling across the roof means that this motorhome can operate off grid for long periods of time and let you put your full focus on having a luxurious vacation.

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