Future’s Car Of The World

#10 Cadillac InnerSpace

Unless you’re an astronaut or an eccentric billionaire then chances are you are never gonna get to space but the Cadillac Interspace is an awesome concept car that may still provide drivers with Space Age feel while still down here on Earth. The Cadillac interspace is a two-door two-passenger electric autonomous luxury vehicle concept it features a dramatic exterior design and is packed full of technology that enhanced passenger experience and comfort while delivering a self-driven ride all you need to do is sit back relax and enjoy the show by getting rid of the need for a human driver the Cadillac interspace concept vehicle allows its Lucky two passengers to enjoy increased personal time and the ability to simply enjoy the journey instead of focusing on driving but bow that the drover isn’t focusing on the road Cadillac needs to give them something really great to NBA up their attention for those long Journeys the inner space’s futuristic exterior design features a low slug two-door couple style with sports car like body it’s panoramic glass roofs extend down to the sides of the vehicle allowing for an unimpeded view of the world outside the roof lifts upwards as the doors wing outward to allow for mximum ease of entering and editing the vehicle.

Its body line are streamlined and sleek presumably to maximize the aerodynamic effect and reduce the amount of power drawn from the batteries at full speed this is further emphasixed by its bullet-like shape which appears to be able to slice through the air while minimizing drag for a comfortable yet quite ride the interiors are even more magical the inner Space features and extensice array of Cutting Edge technology to support not only its autonomous driving functionality but to maximize passenger comfort and entertainment as well as battery power out AL driven biometric input and interfaces accessible via the large immersive panormic SMD LED monitor where the windshield would be in a traditional vehicle it gives the passengers opportunity to choose between augmented reality engagement entertainment or Wellness Recovery themes for their journey depending on their preference at the time all of this sounds absolutely amazing but it does raise the question do we really have the technology for something this extravagant I guess only time will tell.

#10 Renault Trezor

successfully marrying the cars of yesteryear with the driving technology of tomorrow the Renault Tresor is one of the most impressive future concept cars of the last few years making its depute at the Paris auto show in 2016 the Tresor stands above the crowd with its classic shape with a pushed back cabin along Hood large wheels and a massive whiff the car is slso increadiably low to the ground for how large it is the most imtersting part about it though be has to be the way the cabin is accessed instead of using regular doors Renault use a single piece roof that lifts to allow the passengers to board the car dramatic that may be awesome yeah definitely the roof also include the hood and windshield which is a massive curved red glass piece that wraps around the entire cabine kind of taking cure from the X-Men cyclops this clamshell design has been used from the past on some Concepts but it’s yet to be the most impressive implementation I’ve seen yet where the front engine would be there are cooling radiators and a massive space for the dedicated luggage there were no tresoras powered by a fully electric powertrain there is a rear mountain electric motor that powers just the rear wheels and this can offer up to 349 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque Renault says that the Tresor will do 0-62 miles an hour from a standing start in just four seconds while the top speed is likely somehere close to to 120 or 140 miles an hour the formula W engine can slod offer a tremendous amount of regenerativw energy which should allow the Tresor to have a long range even though this is nothing more than just a concept at this point the actual powertrain might be quite easy to adapt into prisuction so will we ever see A Renault Tresor racing down the street only time will tell.

#9. Genesis Essentia

he next Future car concept to make today’s lists marks the dawn of something new genesisi the lixury arm of Hyundai announced in 2018 just before the international auto show that they were working on a concept car the Essentia an all-elctric concept car it was designed by Luke duncavalk the team lead of Genesis design and formerly a chief of Volkswagen responsible for masterminding the Lamborghini Murcielago and Gallardo everything abnout the car was created to bring the owner closer to luxury and the world around it where’d he even begin with this thing well the carbon fober body is laced eith a gray metallic and slightly extended cabin the front of the car has that newly introduced Genesis Crest Grille that perfectly defines aerodynamics and efficiency on both sides the profile of the Essentia is an iconic prabolic line that gives Credence to the visual structure of the body and amplifies it s overall length the sides also incorporate functional air vents mounted behind the front wheels to reduce General aerodynamic drag by lifting pressure inside the wheel wells head on inside using the butterfly doors and you’ll find an 8 inch wide screen display behind the steering wheel that contains necessary widgets bells and whistles to Aid driving just don’t get too distracted on the road sadly because it is a concept car not much is known about the engine but in this day and age it’s safe to assume the Essentai will be Electric

#8 Toyota LQ

All Right now it’s tie to get a little funky with this next Toyota has hopped into the electric vehicle train and is really hoping to become a major player with their Toyota LQ and specs aside the lq is a real head-turner right turner off the bat looking like it just rolled off a science fiction film ser the Toyota LQ goes for a rather unorthodox closed front grill sloping roof line doors made from mostly glass and the DMD headlights so they don’t blind any oncoming traffic it is safe to say that this is one Wild one the folks at Toyota have stated that the idea behind this concept is to renew and strengthen the relationship between drivers and their EVS. It is an interesting notion and perhaps the LQ really is the car to achieve that I guess there’s only one way to find out their LQ model is equipped with level 4 autonomy which we are seeing become more common with this Ultra futuristic vehicle and it’s even supposedly designed to interact with the driver’s emotion.

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