Futuristic Modes Of Transport

In future the modes of transport will be going to change so, These are the list of some future modes of transport.

15. Hyperloop

When it comes to futuristic Transport concepts we need to start with the Hyperloop first proposed by Elon Musk in 2013. Hyperloop is one seriously high-speed transportation consisting of a series of tuber or tunnel which is especially designed pods can travel at ridiculous speeds so what’s this pod we have talking about well it’s basically an aerodynamic capsule designed to carry the passenger or cargo which travel through the tube using linear induction model and magnetic levitation sounds simple right well no of course it doesn’t because this is one seriously High concepts idea the whole point of the hyperloop is for it to be fully autonomous with the efficiency and safety of the capsule controlled by an onboard computer system so could this change travel forever well possibly with this crazy concepts of using reduced air pressure inside the tubes to minimize air resistance and increase speed the hyperloop is generated a lot of excitement and interest around the world faster more efficient and more environmentally friendly that will lot of other modes of transportation it could potentially travel time between cities by a significant amount that mention making a massive difference to the lives and businesses commuters and travelers it goes without saying that one of the huge advantage of the hyperloop is its insanely high speeds this thing is capable of going over 760 miles an hour yep that’s almost the speed of sound in other world this could reduce the travel time between cities by hours possibly even days travelling from San Francisco to Los Angeles for instance which would currently take you a six hour car drive would be significantly cut by the hyperloop to a journey time of around 30 minutes unfortunately there still several challenges to over come hyperloop becomes a reality including design safety and most of all cost even Elon Musk doesn’t quite have a bank account balance healthy enough to get this thing off the ground.

(VTOL) Vehicles

Vertical takeoff and landing feet tall vehicle. So speaking of getting things off the ground we have seen all those classic sci -fi movies where UFOs just drop down out of the sky abduct some simple country folk and maybe some cattle and then just shoot up into the air again without the need for a runway well that is kind of what a vertical vehicle takeoff and Landing vehicle or vital for short is after all the clue is pretty much in the name it’s like having a combination of fixed wing aircraft and a helicopter providing the user with a great deal of efficiency and flexibility due to their ability to land or take off in small space it also makes them ideal for urban area with limited amount of space not least because they can fly at low attitudes and avoid building and obstacles with relative ease well why would you even want something like this in an urban area well how about an emergency medical transport or for a seriously stylish work commute after all we are talking about the future here so the sky is quite literally limit, there are a variety of VTOL aircraft but the most common are multi-rotor drones such as quadcopters for instance these are often used of videography and photography amongst other Pursuits for which their size and Agility seem almost ever made another example of the tall vehicle are the Tilt rotor aircraft for generally larger than a multi-rotor drones but also have two functions in other worlds they can operate like a helicopter or a fixed-wing aircraft tilting their robots to allow for vertical takeoff and landing currently use for a transport and surveillance by these vehicles are fast making themselves indispensable finally we have EV tall aircraft which can do everything a regular everyday vital vehicle can do except they are powered by an electric motors and therefore much better for the environment due to being cleaner quieter and possibly even more efficient so if you have a friend who claims to have seen a UFO maybe give him a new set of letters to use and suggest it might have been a vital instead.

Autonomous Vehicles

Many of the vehicles would look perfectly at home in a Sci-Fi movie and the next entry is no different so what is an autonomous vehicle we in a nuts shell it’s something that doesn’t require a pesky human to drive around we have a couple of specific examples of these on our list but here is a quick overview of how this truly futuristic Transportation concepts works using a communication of cameras sensors and AI these vehicles can navigate roads and avoid any kind of obstacle without the need for anyone constructed of Flesh or blood getting in the way the difficulties and talking about this subject however is that autonomous vehicles are envolving pretty much constantly and the technology behind them is in constant development too some more autonomous vehicles for instance can not only find their own way through roads and traffic but can even communicate with others autonomous vehicles to avoid collisions roadworks and congestion one positive outlook for the future of autonomous vehicle is the potential impact it could have for the elderly or the disabled or anyone currently unable to drive the effect it would have on their independence and freedom can obviously no be overstated however as with most vehicles on this list there’s currently a downside to autonomous vehicles while autonomous delivery vehicles or public transport or taxis could certainly be more cost effective and efficient the loss of jobs for drivers and other staff could have a huge effect in addition to this cyber security is a huge risk for autonomous vehicles that the last thing you want is for your driverless car to be hacked when you combine this with the various issues both ethical and legal over what happens in event of a crash it becomes kind of obvious that these kinds of vehicles still have a long way to go

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