Here Is A List Of Some Luxurious Private Jets

Today, the market of private jets expanding year by year due to which many new players entered in this Private Jets market a result of these circumstances private jets are becoming more and more luxurious day by day, and there is a very different type of competition started between different private jets company

Mercedes-Benz private jet

In 2015 Mercedes-Benz style had announced that they did partner with Lufthansa technique to create a design concept of a VIP aircraft cabin for a short and medium hall aircraft but when you walk into the cabin you will immediately forget you are on board an aircraft because of the state of the art design will make you feel like you are in a science fiction movie and that is the whole point it is form and comfort above everything else the cabin interiors will have a spiral almost DNA like layout and the floors flowing into the ceiling give a unique and artistic experience and aesthetic the designers at Mercedes-Benz have said that their goal with design was to have the entire cabin feel like a singular unit the windows in the cabin will be behind black panels which will have a floating appearance to make you feel like you are sitting inside a Mercedes-Benz S class sedan and controlled electronically letting whoever’s on board dim the cabin with the push of a button and of course the displays are completely touch screen and integrated into the cabin’s sleek black panels

Boeing 747-8

The Boeing 747-8 was revealed to a standing ovation in 2011 amid its first flight that same year both a freighter and a passenger carrier the passenger version of the 747a carries up to 467 people across three different class sections and while that may sound a bit cramped the interior cabin is 20 feet across 200 feet long and the design offers a much large interior space with a curved architecture to give passengers more room then they are used to this was the first generation of its kind to be put into personal use and offers pretty luxurious layouts the variants offer a full dining room multiple large lounging areas a personal office that  can also be used as a conference room a guest bedroom and of course the master bedroom suite and all of this will plenty of space to spare across a whopping  4 700 square feet of space it puts all other private jets and even most houses to Absolute shame once you get on board you will have walked mansion and of course just because you are in an airplane does not mean you can not have more than one floor the VIP versions comes with two deck levels that can be accessed either by staircase or a private elevator that fits up to four people and costs only 368 million dollars that sky really is the limit when you  are on board

Germany’s Airbus XWB

In 2018 Germany’s Angle Merkel had to fly commercially because of mechanical issues on her own private plane but in 2020 her new Airbus A 350 900 XWB  better known as Merkel One was delivered the new Merkel One comes with more efficient Rolls-Royce Trent XBT engines and provides a 25 better fuel burn leaving behind a much smaller carbon footprint than its previous iterations it also boasts a very powerful flight endurance and can fly to any Capital City Non-Stop and because the aircraft was delivered during the Covid-19 pandemic many of its cabins were built with safety and privacy and mind in order to stop the spread but plans have been set in motion for more spacious cabins through will be optimal spaces for holding board meetings but what makes this Merkel one really cool is its missile defense system and how much did all of this cost try only 400 million dollars

6. Bombardier Global 7000.

The fourth release from the brand the Bombardier Global 7000 is an awesome luxury private jet that if you can believe it runs on the cheaper side at just 73 million but don’t let the dripping luxury fool you because while this plane looks great and also gets the job done just as well making it the perfect choice you have to get to a business meeting on the other side of the world this Bombardier model is incredibly capable and flies long non-stop distance from Sydney and San Francisco or even New York to Dubai and aside from being a 73 million dollars workhorse the global 7000 looks great before you even walk inside instead of opting for your traditional strain free cream color the jet offers a wide range of white and burgundy Shades so it really stands out from the bright blue sky this is another luxury jet that is fully customizable from top to bottom so no two models should look the same and the manufacture’s welcome personal touches for the right price each of these planes holds enough space for up to 19 passengers with plenty of room to move freely about the cabin.

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