Some Of The Most Expensive Private Jets

Some of the world’s wealthy people have incredible private planes built to include every amenity and feature you could imagine, we take a look at some of the world’s most luxurious private jets ever built. These jets are not available for common mass and the cost of flying these jets are also very high in comparison to other planes or jet because of their luxurious facilities. It is right to say these expensive and luxurious private jets are a mini five-star hotel in the sky because you can get everything available in these jets even flying in the sky from the bedroom to the mini dining area and a lot more luxurious facilities. Since the facilities present in these private jets is very next level the price of these private jets also touches the sky. If you are interested in knowing the facts or acquiring knowledge then you must like this article. So these are the list of some of the most expensive private jets present in the world.

Prince Alwalid’s Boeing 747

When it comes to wealth no one can beat the royal family of Saudi Arabia altogether they have masked a Fortune of about one trillion dollars and while they have a whole Fleet of planes that rival Manisons the Crown Jewel of the country’s leader is his private Boeing 747. Prince al-walid bought the private aircraft in 2003 for 485 million dollars which for him is nothing but when for hime is nothing but when he first purchased it was not all up to his standards so he had it remodeled and refitted to look more like the Palace he is used to living in while the leader of a country typically uses their airplane for the purposes of business this is more of a home in the sky there are multiple luxurious bedrooms and full bathrooms and a dining area that seats over 14 lounges large Chandelier and gold trim everywhere oh and since he is a prince he can’t forget he threw that’s right there is a throne room on board the Saudi Prince’s Boeing 747 to remind him that whenever he goes is royalty.

Airbus ACJ 32O NEO

The European aerospace company Airbus is the largest airline manufacturer in the world even surpassing Boeing and sales of one of the company’s more recent designs the 110 million dollars ACJ 320 Neo will have you flying in serious style and has the rest of our mouths watering as you fly overhead originally an Airbus model used for commercial flights the aircraft has been completely gutted and renovated to look more like the inside of a fancy home than an airplane you will never have to worry about sitting in an aisle seat or watching a bad in-flight movie when you are in one of these the cabin itself comes in at 90 by 12 feet and could normally seat 180 people but the redesign thankfully it just 19 and sleep 17. Because of its wild body frame and unique dome ceiling, the interior has three times as much space as most aircraft so it will feel like you have got the plane to yourself on a crass-continental flight not to mention the plush leather furniture beautiful hardwood flooring and even original artwork throughout don’t feel like looking outside at an endless sky for 10 hours maybe a tour of what sounds more like a museum than it does an airplane.

Kylie Jenner’s Global Express

Let Kylie Jenner is a self-made billionaire influencer so it’s no surprise that she treated herself to her own private luxury Jet and lucky for her it comes in pink 72.8 million kylie Jet is one of the most insane celebrity jets around there are room for 10 passengers on board and anyone lucky enough to be invited is treated to some seriously pricey goodie bags fast food and a coconut that is right within the cabin of Kylie air you can drink straight from a coconut because why not no stranger to the High Life Jenner enjoys sleeping in a double bed in her master suite lounging in the entertainment room keeping her cloths in an enormous closet that Rivals those in her own home and two private bathrooms she even makes sure to take care of the crew by giving them their very own rest room area as well around the pink Decor of the cabin you will also find pillows towels and napkins adoring the plush seats and tables all with the Kylie Jenner monogram to remind you of just who’s in charge but Jenner is never alone treating her family and friends and even her daughter storming to a second birthday party at Walt Disney World Orlando not bad for a birthday the two year old will never remember

Floyd Mayweather’s Gulfstream G650

Another one of the highest paid athletes in the world Floyd Money Mayweather is known for flaunting his insane wealth Mayweather’s first private jet aptly named Mayweather air is a Gulfstream G650 and cost him 60 million dollars to buy and refurbish the interiors on the outside you can see his famous TMT logo and wingtip Sports the logo 50-0 celebrating his boxing career the interiors are decked out with white leather and chrome seats with personalized beds sheets and pillows to keep them flying in style when you board you will be greeted with a welcome mat that reads the best ever letting you know just who is owning the skies Floyd Mayweather’s Guld stream has some serious mileage on it and it’s taken him everywhere from Hong Kong and Tokyo to Fiji and Italy the cabin air is even refreshed every two minutes to keep his blood pumping for the next adventure and because of one private luxury jet is not enough the money maker bought himself a second jet for his 41st birthday and even flew to Iceland just so he could snap some pics for his Instagram because why not.


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