All About Some World’s Top Security Forces

The Polish Grom

The Polish Grom first established in 1990 the Polish Grom is a special forces unit of the Polished armed forces that stated primary mission is to conduct Special Operations in support of National Security including the direct action unconventional warfare reconnaisance and counter terrorism run selection process is rigorous and demanding and only a small percentage of applicants even get close to being accepted into the unit candidates undergo intense physical and psychological testing as well as advanced weapon and tactics training and they are required to pass language proficiency tests in English and at least one other foreign language as the go to group for the Polish authorities Grom has been involved in numerous mission sin support of National Security around the world in 1991 the unit was deployed to the Gulf War as part of the international coalition forces in 1993 Grom was involved in evacuation of U.N peacekeepers from Somalia during operation Gothic Serpent and the units also been involved in peacekeeping missions in the Balkans and Afghanistan Graham’s operative are equipped with the latest tech technology and weaponry and have access to Advanced training facilities grom’s also known for it’s close collaboration with other special forces units that are as good as any other country the world has to offer this training has led to the unit becoming one of the most capable anti-terrorist units of all and being able to assist other countries with issues beyond the Polish borders Graham was called in for example to help with the capture of a group of terrorists in 1994 who had taken hostages on a ferry in the Balti Sea then in 2004 the unit was involved in the rescue of a group of hostage held by terrorists in Iraq and in 2013 was involved in the rescue of a Polish citizen who had been kidnapped in Pakistan.

The Swedish Special Operations Group

The Swedish Special Operation Forces is an elite unit within Swedish armed forces that specializes in conducting covert Operation and executing high risk missions originally set up in 1981 the SOG is composed of highly trained soldiers from the Swesish army nacy and Air Force who undergo rigorous selection and training processes to become members of the unit the group is divided into sub units each with a specific responsibility prominent units being the special protection Group which provides security for high level Swedish Government special reconnaissance Group which conducts intelligence Gathering missions the SOG also has a dedicated hostage rescue team and a maritime interdiction team this unit is renowned for its professionalism and expertise in operating an unpredictable environments in 2004 the OSG successfully executed operation Garbo where they rescued two Swedish Engineers who had been kidnapped in Iraq by insurgents in a mission that was highly complex and risky but the SOG team is was able to locate and rescue the hostages bringing them back safely to Sweden the SOG’s success can be attributed to the rigorous selection and training process as its members undergo as well as their continual training the soldiers are chosen based on their physical fitness mental toughness and specialized skill as Marksmanship close Quarters combat anf tactical operations meaning with the best of the best that the Swedish military has they were able to execute missions with precision and efficiency

The Norwegian Special Commando

The first varet special Commando also known as the FSK is Norway’s Elite Special Forces Unit they’re highly trained and highly skilled in executing a range of specialized military operation system incuding direct action missions counter terrorism and reconnaissance the FSK is considered to be one of the most capable Special Forces Unit in the world due to it rigorous selection process and intense training regime all of which take place in freezing conditions to add an extra element of endurance the selection process is designed to identify individuals who possess hte necessary physical and attributed required to operate in high stress and complex environments once selected candidates undergo an extensive training program that lasts for several months the training is divided into different phases including basic infantry training Advanced infantry training and specialized training in areas such as Marksmanship demolitions and Communications because of this training the FSK is known for its proficiency in cold weather and Mountain warfare as Norway’s environment present significant challenges for military operation as a result the units highly sdaptable and able to operate in a variety of conditions whether on land sea or air this expertise has proved invaluable on deployment with the FSK often called in for a particularly tricky missions these have in recent years included operations in Afghanistan where they provided support ot Norwegian forces and in Iraq where they were deployed to secure the Norwegian Embassy in addition to is operational capabilities the FSK also placed a significant emphasis on maintaining a high level of Readiness and preparedness the unit also regularly conducts exercises and training scenario to ensure theyare always prepared to respond to any potential threats or crises and are ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice the Volkswagen special Commando remains a relatively small unit through with only several hundred members but it’s believed that with increasing security concerns the group is being significantly expanded.

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