Some Important Features Of The White House

We all know The White House is a place where the world’s most powerful person lived, so due to this it has many features which make it different from other houses. So, in this article, I am going to write the most important features or you may say the secrets of the White House that many common people didn’t know.

Grand Kitchen

It might seem like something straight out of the pages of a medieval manual on how to keep things safe but the White House actually does have food testers White House food testers are responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of the food that’s served to both the president as well as other high-level officials the food testers are members of The White House kitchen staff and their job is to taste every dish that’s prepared for official events and meals these testers are especially trained and can detect any potential contaminants or allergens in the food but their job doesn’t stop there they also provide feedback on The Taste texture and presentation of the dishes to ensure the food is prepared to the highest standards of quality and safety as members of kitchen staff they must also maintain strict confidentiality on the White House Kitchen operations because apparently what happens in the White House kitchen stays in the White House kitchen as such they all sign non-discloser agreement which prevent them from leaking any info about the super secret inner workings of the White House kitchen part president Lifesavers part food connoisseurs the White House who tasters they make sure that anyone who dies at the White House does so safely and with refinement.

The Secret Wine Stash

Wine for some it’s the alcohol of choice whether it be a rare vintage or a discount box wine is a staple choice of many dinner party across the world and the White House is no exception however you probably won’t find white house guests filing up their glasses from a box unbeknownst to some of White House has a wine cellar and it stores all the wine the White House staff serves guests for special occasions and events and receptions The Not So secret seller is located in the basement of the White House and it contains a wide array of wines to suit any pallet from beloved domestic blends to renowned and rare International Wines and while the existence of The Wine Cellar is not so secretive the actual wine in the cellar is the wine collection is carefully curated by the White House’s Chief sommelier with input from the first family the White House Wine Cellar actually does have a long and Rich tradition dating back to President Franklin Roosevelt who was reportedly an avid wine collector throughout the years the collection has grown as past presidents and first ladies have tossed in their choice wine the seller is now seller is now a symbol of White House Hospitality since nothing says welcome quite like a specially chosen glass of wine the seller itself is not open the public eye so wine lovers and Luscious alike can only imagine what this secret wine stash entails.

Rooftop Snipers

The White House is the most heavily guarded house in the United States as such it has a highly Advanced that the security features of the White House deserves a video in and of itself however while some secret security features are very well known others are not one of these is the rooftop snipers the rooftop sniper are members of the United States Secret Service snipers team and they’re responsible for protecting the White House and other high level government buildings and events as White house rooftop snipers they are some of the best rained snipers in the United States and their skills are constantly tested to ensure they’ll hit their target if needs be the snipers are positioned positioned positioned on the White House roof as well as on the roofs of other nearby buildings together they have an all encompassing view of the entire perimeter of the house these snipers equipped with high powerful rifles and you better believe they can hit their target with prefect accuracy and precision since the White House is a high profile Target for potential threats the rooftop snipers are only part of the White House comprehensive security but they are a very important one

The Restricted Swimming Pool

There are actually two pools at the White House one was opened in 1933 and created for Franklin Roosevelt as a therapy pool to help with his polio this Pool opened right onto the Rose Garden and it’s rumored that President John F Kennedy use the pool for a completely different purpose to host naked pool parties although that rumor’s not confirmed this pool was closed by Nixon to maek space for a new Pres Room it still structurally intact but full of electronics the other pool is the functioning one and it was installed in 1975 by President Gerald Ford it’s a small indoor heated pool and access is highly restricted the pool’s monitored by Secret Service agents and only the president his family and a few other select high ranking people are allowed to use it and although the pool is not a commonly seen part of the White House it’s seen some interesting interactions over the year for example during the Nixon Administration president Nixon famously met with Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev in the pool to discuss Arms Control negotiations and during the Obama Administrations First Lady Michelle Obama famously challenged the talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to push-up contest in the pool during a visit to the White House the pool is not however something that just anyone can hit up to swim laps so although the pool isn’t exactly a secret it is highly restricted and a lesser known area of the White House.

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