Some Of World Most Luxurious Companies Office

Many Companies corporate offices made their offices luxurious for the comfort of their employees, many common people are not aware of the fact that such types of offices are also present, so in this article, I am going to share some details about some of the most luxurious companies’ offices in the world. These are of offices of some of the top companies in the world.


This awesome company HQ is really firing on all cylinders the BMW headquarters in Munich Germany is a classic high rise Building located in the M’s recent field the building has served as the global corporate headquarters of the German automaker BMW since 1973 it is been the dominant force in the skyline ever since not only is it the HQ of one of the most popular cars in the world the building itself was declared a protected historic building in 1999 and it’s often cited as one of the most notable examples of modern architecture in Munich needless to say it is not going to go anywhere anytime soon the BMW Tower was built just in time for the 1972 summer Olympics and the inauguration followed in 1973. The 331-foot-tall building is located next to Olympia Park and BMW’S main factory and then there is the obvious shape because BMW can not quite construct a skyscraper in the shape of a car they made something a bit more pragmatic the tower’s exterior is supposed to mimic the shape of four cylinders of a car engine whit the museum in the building representing a cylinder head both buildings were designed by the Austrian architect Carl Swansea each cylinder is divided horizontally in its center by a mold in the faced now most notable though the building cylinders do not stand on the ground instead they are suspended on a central support tower during construction individual floors assembled on the ground and then elevated the tower had a diameter of just over 171 feet and has 22 occupied floors two of which are basements and 18 of which serve as office shape


The mobile phone company data once had its offices all throughout the city of Bangkok across six building one day they said no more and combined their forces to create one of the largest offices in the history of Thailand taking up about 650 000 sq feet why did they do this well it is one thing to have happy customers but it’s another thing to have happy employees you can not have one without the other the merger enhanced cooperation communication and creativity dtac has adopted the play and learn style of work so they created an inspiring and aesthetically pleasing space across their 22 floors so what could they possibly have that we have not seen already well how about a stunning circular library amphitheater and an entire floor where there is zero work to he found I am talking about an indoor soccer pitch table tennis a running track and indoor spaces for performances and concertes the powers theat be at d-tec even created spaces like the conversation pit the freedom meeting and the picnic table and of course the dining room and don not forget about the open Terrace on the roof the overlooks the Bangkok skyline it may all sound a bit silly but you know what is really silly wearing a tie and sitting in a gray cubicle for eight hours a day that is silly

Hearst Tower

New Yorkers know all bout hearst tower the skyscraper at 300 West 57th street is a big part of the Big Apple and it makes for one of the most incredible corporate hqs ever while it may not be as cool fun young or hip is something like Facebook it certainly offers plenty of opulence for everyone who steps inside headquarters of the media conglomerate Hearst Communications it features 860 000 square feet of lead Platinum certified class A midtown Manhattan office space across 46 stories the building also incorporates a separately parceled privately owned retail condominium with office portions fully occupied by hearst it is a pretty big deal standing high in the wealthy area of columbus circum hearst tower was the first skyscraper in New York City to earn a lead gold certification for its sustaibale features which include special glazing to minimize heat gain energy efficient heating and cooling systems and a rain water harvesting mechanism because of that the opeartion costs at the tower are 25 percent lower for tenants than the average office building other site perks include the hearst staff cafeteria and aditorium a 9 000 square foot fitness facility and a wellness center meeting and dining rooms on the 44th floor sweeping views of the city skyline and if you look straight down central park despite being one of Manhattan’s more modern marvels the building has quite a history as the name would suggest the base of the hearst tower was originally built back in 1928 by William Randolph Hearst the international magzine building as it was called was meant to be the base for taller tower to house the hearst media empire but if you know the us then it should come as no surprise that construction came to a swift halt with the onset of the Great Depression in 2006 sir Norman Foster of Foster and partners completed the project at 300 west 57th street and the Hearst Tower Rose 600 feet above the original landmark six-story base it was the architect’s first designed for a high rise in New York the city’s first green office skyscraper and the first Tower of break ground after 9 11. The Hearst Tower has been highly praised both for its innovative design and its groundbreaking sustainable features and its state-of-the-art amenities in a city full of unique landmarks the Hearst Tower still manages to stand above the rest.

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