Some Top Future Bus Designs

Solaris Urbino 24

When it comes to going green many European countries have the rest of the world beaten by a long shot there are plenty that keeps them ahead of the curve so the next bus concept on this list is just as plugged in literally the Solaris Urbino 24 comes from the big Polish bus maker Solaris at about 80 feet long this double jointed bus was developed in concert with the technical universities of panzan and Warsaw it’s based on the already existing solariserbino series of buses so instead of trying to reinvent the wheel it’s simply an update of an already successful model it is a pretty good idea this giant eco-friendly bus isn’t just a plug-in electric vehicle either it ruins on fuel cells too the electric concept bus has a battery pack that’s charged from an external Source but it also features an onboard fuel cell stack that can act as a range extender so no one gets stuck out on the road the Solaris urbino 24 is a part of the Polish government the UNo TEch program and is made possible in part by about 1.7 million dollars of fund Solaris already sells this diesel electic hybrid version of their urbino but it’s still unclear as to whetehr or not this all-electric version can pound the pavement.

#10 Audi City Bus

If someone like Mercedes-Benz can make a bus then why not someone like Audi and tis particular monolith does look pretty awesome the design was made from scratch and released in 2016 but the jury’s still out as to whether we can climb aboard yet Audi has said that the key factor for their city bus in passenger Confort everyone knows a nasty stale and uncomfortable long bus ride during rush hour can be pretty bad so luckily for us that Audi is looking to fix that design and motion will flow better than usual in this concept and people better accessibility in the compartment so hopefully no more rubbing shoulders with stragers the interior said to be fashioned with plastic runners and metal to keep the theme of pure and clean form and the handles and poles will be equipped with stop request buttons the floor will be coded and split into zones for some senior citizens and people with disabilities other zones will be for standing and seating and others dedicated to folks who like to move around a bit more the Audi city bus concept also comes with a glass ceiling and a side frame to give everyonw a better View and the friver will have a touch screen control feature I guss Audi has come up with a great idea for keeping a level of peace and quite and order within their city bus the rest is up to us passengers.

#9. Xcelsior AV

All right let’s face it being a bus driver is a tough job these behemoths are clunkier and slower than the rest of the vehicles on the busy streets and it takes some serious skills to properly maneuver them through the hustle and bustle of the big city and then there are the Long Haul overnight trips driving driving driving driving driving driving driving those long hours, especially without a break can be a real drag so that’s why new flyer and Robotics Research teamed up to bring us the Excelsior AV a fully autonomous Transit bus another level 4 autonomous vehicle The Excelsior Av is chock of full of a network of sensors cameras radar and lidar Technologies to keep passengers and fellow motorist safe while they’re out of the road the bus is also fully connected to other vehicles like it so they can communicate with one another and offer intelligent Traffic control and management system if something happens out on the road these Excelsior AVS Are Gonna left each other know using a cell phone while driving is both incredibly dangerous and illegal so this Transit bus is going to take the dangers of relaying information away these types of self driving Vehicles aren’t allowed on the roads in NOrth America but by the time regualtion does pass expect to see a fully funtional Exvelsior Av in your rear view mirror.

#8 Olli 2.0

All right this concept for this awesome little bus was revealed by Local Motor in 2019 and they definitely had the future in mind when coming up with it the Ali 2.0 is a small autonomous 3D-printed shuttle that’s right this bus is totally 3D printed Ali is a rectangular pod with some pretty wide set headlights and a large window that ist snugly around the frame giving this shuttle bus one seriously cute little face just begging you to get inside and go for a ride. Ollie has been built with level 4 autonomy and seeing as how it’s electric it can travel up to 100 miles between charges at a top speed of 25 miles an hour which isn’t bad at all for a shuttle and things get pretty cool when you inside too because Ollie comes equipped with a touch screen that can be customized for the customer with an open API meaning an endless number of UI interfaces LG is the proud owner of Ollie and they have already gone ahead to make custom media content for their model plus customers can ever add VR if they really wanted to sounds like Ollie’s slowly moving away from being a shuttle bus and becoming more of a video game on wheels.

#7. Electrobus Ecotrace BRT Concept

so when it comes to going green one of the most important things that any of us can do is to leave no Trace so leave it to the Eco brt bus concept to do just that not much is known about this futuristic transport vehicle but one thing’s for sure it does look pretty amazing it’s Ultra Sleek Ultra futuristic.


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