Part II Of Top 15 WEIRD House Design

#4. Gue(ho)st House

The house not to be confused with a giant marshmallow that was left out in the sun for too long the gehost house in Delma France was built the idea of capturing your attention from the road and despite the name the gehost house technically is in a house but a gallery and visitor centre that just so happens to sick out like a sore thumb designed by two French Architectures the building that is now the host house has an incredibly Rich history it served as a school a prison and even a funeral home so perhaps it’s ghostly history inspired its otherworldly look but the story behind home’s name is just as unique it was thought up by the French American painter and sculptor Marcel Duchamp who though that adding the words guest and host would equal ghost so now that the host house is a visitor center it really takes on the role of all three the art center is the host the visitors are the guests and while the design makes the structure looks like a ghost oozing ectoplasm ready to be busted by Winston Venkman Ray and Egon well the entire house was covered In styrene blocks which is what gives it its chunky mushy form from there designs covered the building in two coats of polyurethane resin to make it waterproof and then simply painted it white to add the finishing touch and so if you’re ever driving in that area and see this strange looking structure be sure to stop in because it’s now serving as the area’s Visitor Center.

#3. Shark Attack

You can really sink your teeth into this next entry the official name of this home is Untitled 1986 but many local residents of new High Street in headington Oxford just call it the headington if you can’t already tell by looking at it the structure is a giant shark diving headfirst into the roof of a normal house is it the remnant of Sharknado no instead it’s the work of the  home’s owner and local radio presenter Bill heinea he commissioned the piece in the year of its namesake taking inspiration from the sound of the American warplanes flying above the city on their way to Libya in short this is a punk rock protest against war and to make matters even more prolific Haina installed the shark without the city’s permission designed by sculpture John Buckley and constructed by Anton castio the 25 foot long 440 pound fiberglass Beast is said to represent the feeling of helplessness a human might experience as a whole is ripped through their roof by something so deadly it is a bold statement made ever stronger by the fact that honey I had it put on the 41st anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Nagasaki.

#2. Nautilus Seashell

Seashell by the seashore it’s not just a Timeless Limerick but advice to homeowners everywhere well maybe not everywhere but certainly the designer of the Nautilus house in Mexico this is another great example of something weird also being something pretty amazing the shell of the home is designed by famed Mexican architect Javier San Joseon but this dwelling is more than just a pretty face it’s also quite fdliterally built to last as it can withstand most earthquakes and it’s totally maintenance free it’s an amazing blend of Nature and all but that comes at a bit of a price it’s not the greatest use of space and it’s pretty short on storage space considering curved walls don’t really allow for cupboards and closets but it is hard to be jealous of the family that lives in this place the Nautilus is made using special technique called Ferro cement construction where a frame of Steel reinforced chicken wire is coated with concrete to allow for the rounded natural curves the interior Is just as spectacular as the façade full of spiral circles and rooms that mimic the concave interiors that crab could ever know and love and then there’s the side of the rainbow colored stained glass that adorns the walls letting in some gorgeously colored light this is what happens when creative mind and talent like senosiana is given full artistic Freedom.

#1.The Upside-Down House

The upside-down house no need to adjust your screens what you’re seeing is really constructed in the lovely seaside resort of Tresenhida on the Pomerainian island of Usadum. The upside down house of bottom-up dwelling to be built in Germany that’s right the firsts meaning there are more than one of these wacky homes scattered about the region it was the Polish architect’s claudis golos and Sebastian mikac who cooked up these unorthodox upside down designs as part of the develt stepkoft the world upside down project the goal of the project was quite simple people a new perspective on everyday things things only get crazier when you step inside this oddly designed home because when it comes to the upside down house beauty is only skin deep everything on the inside tis topsy turvy 2 except for the stairs leading to the attic stepping inside is enough to make your head spin because everything from the sofas to the kitchen to plants and paintings on the wall is all inverted even the curtains are pinned to the wall in such a ways to make you think gravity is betrayed you just make sure you son’t flush the toilet but if the upside downiness of the home isn’t enough the structure is built on a six percent inclined so from the outside it gives the impression that the house fell from the heavens and onto the ground but since its completion in 2008 the house has been joined by the house cuff Uber on the neighboring island of rugen just two years later in 2010 and like so many other oddly designed homes on this list this home in treason High thought was built purely with tourism in mind so son’t expect to hear bout anyone signing an upside down lease anytime soon.


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