Top 15 WEIRD Home Designs

You know multi-million dollar Mansions prefabricated apartments and futuristic homes lodged right into the side of a cliff it seems like designers and Architects have taken things to a new level with these funky-looking house designs. So  in this article, we are going to count down the 15 weirdest Home Designs in the world

#15. The Toilet House

All right kicking off this list is a home that perhaps would better serve as a number one maybe even two that’s, because it’s shaped like a toilet the story behind Korea’s toilet house, is strange the owner Sim J Duke is said to have been born in his grandmother’s bathroom and since then he decided to dedicate the rest of his life to water conservation and improving Global access to clean efficient and working sanitation which would include toilets. He’s so dedicated to his mission that he became the chairman of the World toilet Association and built this home in the shape of a porcelain throne in 2007. His home cost him over a million dollars to create and Remains the only toilet-shaped house in the world to this day but this weird home is more than just a pretty face because it’s been designed to harvest rainwater which is incorporated into the home and helps flush the three toilets inside sadly though Sim J Duke died in 2009 just two years after he built his dream home and so it was donated to the government who made it into a museum they like to call it the toilet theme park statues and sculptures of toilets have been erected around the property and you can even buy fake poop in the gift shop.

#14. The Car-Shaped House

Another home designed to look like something completely different in this car-shaped house in Salzburg Austria. This four walled four-wheeler was built in 2004 by Manfred Vogue Rider and can sleep a family of sour or you know one in each seat but the fact that the architect even got approval for this structure is pretty amazing because not only is the home the only of its kind on the Block but it’s also right next to a nature preserve just imagine knocking on the driver’s side door to ask to borrow a cup of sugar but despite looking like a car the car house is fuel efficient featuring natural ventilation and lighting as well as tight insulation and shading the home façade is just for show though because when you go inside it just becomes a typical home with large windows I guess you could even forget what the exterior looks like for a bit but what possessed Mr Wolfgrider to design such a weird home well it seems as though he just felt like it he’s not a car Enthusiast nor does he seem to be some sort of eccentric all that really matters is that the car is built up to code and it won’t drive away.

#13. S-House

It’s important to remember that weird isn’t always bad and the S house in Japan is the perfect example of that but make no mistake this is still one unconventional design because it would be like living in a giant Fishbowl designed by renowned architect Yasuke Karasawa the S house is meant to blend philosophy and architecture together into one single family home in the saitama prefecture of Japan the design of the home is said to show off the complicated networking of humans with one another and humans and nature eventually twinning together to meet in the middle so while everything certainly has its own place in the world at the end of the day it’s all connected but while all of that soes sound nice like so many other on this list of funky abodes the S house is the only structure like it in the so that there’s no doubt that some neighbors might find it to be one giant eyesore and speaking of glass the walls and windows here are one and the same so hopefully the owners invent in some extra long and tall curtins otherwise everyone’s going to have front row seats to the peep show morning noon at night.

#12. Chateau D’eau

Converting old water towers into homes isn’t necessarily a new idea and the possibilities for the interior can be virtually endless once you’ve gutter the place that doesn’t mean you can’t touch up the exterior as well but don’t tell that to the owner of Chateau so a converted water tower in Belgium because they really skimped on the curb appeal while the former water tower holds a single family home the outside is still made with ugly brick and the overall shape makes it look like you are staring at one giant ice cream come but without ice cream originally the design of architect Morrow Brigham this 100-foot high tower was built somewhere between 1938 and 1941 and has six stories the water towers in pretty rough shape when Brigham found it and sold renovation and restoration began in 2007. Apparently, much of the original concrete was damaged and so the columns were repaired and brick joints were totally removed and replaced with a Window added while no one is denying his impressive work he could have at least given the exterior a better job.

#11. The Lego House

 Lego house think back to when you were a kid playing with Legos what was the coolest thing you ever made what was the biggest how about a home big enough for someone to live in well that’s exactly what James May did when deciding to built this home made through conventional materials like wood brick and steel out window and opted for 3.3 million Lego bricks instead but the story aren’t so simple because a homemade entirely of Lego bricks would collapse soon being built a foundation and skeleton were built with the bricks going around the husk so other than the children who would ever want to live there not even James May was willing to move in but that didn’t stop him from looking for a buyer the Legoland theme park actually considered purchasing the structure but the deal didn’t go through after they decided moving costs would be more trouble than it worth the house would to be disassembled in chunks only to be reassembled at the park and in the end May’s Lego house was dismantles one brick at a time at all 3.3 million were donated to charity.

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