World’s Impressive President Security Tactics

We all know the president of a country is one of the most important figures in the world and is responsible for millions of citizens so as a result presidential security is a top priority for governments around the globe. So, here in this article, I am going to explore the most impressive presidential security tactics

Poison Testers

President Poison Testers well kicking things off is one of the sillier entries on this list but it’s no less important Believe It or Not assassination attempts by poisoning are still a very real threat and while the form of murder may come off as rudimentary the countermeasure against it is just as medieval the U.S. president has a number of food testers and tasters whose sole job is to make sure that nothing nefarious was slipped into their meals druing preparation it sounds pretty crazy but with the amount of food entering the White House each and every day you just can’t be too careful not only are these staff members testing for poison but if for some reason they receive a bad batchof groceries they will be the first to know allowing the president to Stave off any food foodborne illnesses that will keep him out of the Oval Office and if you don’t believe me just check out the report from 2013 that stated Barack Obama refused to eat dinner at a White House Event because his food tester was not there even before the ingredients make it into the pan the Secret Service making sure that no one is tampering with the food and of course every single White House Chef heavily vetted before they get the job and so if anytihing nefarious does make it into the president’s meal the taste tester will be the fist to know and the White House medical staff will probably be the second.

The North Korean Main Office of Adjustments

Kim JOng Un is without a doubt a controversial figure but he’s got a convoy with him just about everywhere he goes and it’s worth a mention on this list nonetheless especially considering his motorcade is the most unique and while it’s highly unlikely that anyone would ever make an attempt on the leader of North Korea he is still got to have security Kim Black Limousine Sports the nation’s flag and allegedly even houses a private toilet but that is not what make his security details so unique he is surrounded by what’s known as the main office of adjectives men in black suits and in great shape who jog around the limo plain and simple they surrounded and jog next to his limo as if acting like a human shield they have been hand picked by the leader not just for their Fitness but for their Marsmanship martial arts skills and yes even looks recruits tend to come from the elite North Korean families but the premiere will run background checks that will go two families back on the young hopefuls in the end there are about two to three hundred members of the main officers of adjectives but on y 13 get to act as human shields in his unorthodox convoy

Vladimir Putin’s Motorcade

even though he may have fewer vehicles in his Convey Validmir Putin’s motorcade is one of the more expensive but because there are not as many cars accompanying him does not mean it’s any less impressive Putin rides around in a custom built automobile the aura senate it was designed specifically for the president by the engineering teams at Porsche and Central scientific research automobile and Automotive engines institute or Nami for short the aura Senate weigh in at ta whopping six tons and it’s an insane 23 feet long yet there is plenty of room for Putin his friends colleagues and of course personal body guards and a Russian SEcret service and maybe even an animal or two the car is equipped with an extensive amount of security features which unfortunately for the rest of us the Russian government keeps a tigltly guarded secret the senate is powered by a 4.4 liter V6 engine and can serve as off road vehicle if the ned arises and cost about 10 millions bucks yeah you can pretty much get a mansion for that amount but Putin’s convoy also consists of three Mercedes G class which is a luxury SUV that can handle any type of terrain and a top speed of 1347 miles per hour its the prefect car for a presidential security and each vehicle on its own costs over a hundred and forty thousands dollars finally there is the police detail of just six motorcycles to clear the road and monitor the crowds it may not be the most elaborate convey in the world but the cars are definitely fit enough for a fast and furious cameo


Cat not to be confused with our furry feline friends cat stands for counter assault team oftentimes when we think of US Secret Service we think of those stoic men and women in suits and sunglasses equipped with earpieces and communication devices in their sleeves and while that stereotype may be true in some cases the secret sercvice’s cat division is a lot less incognito and a immediate threat to the president’s threat and safety is a top priority and cat is the first on the scene with a full arsenal of weapons and intelligence whenever necessary these agents will do everything from employee counter snipers unit scans of an area for hidden threats to engage with threats directy laying down a barrrage of suppressive fire while the rest of the team gets POTUS that situation so while the counter assault team may not be a private Army it’s as close as they are gonna get being assigned to the elite counter assault team is next impossible as only 10 percent of those who go through the strict application process are accepted.

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