Some Unusual Smartphone Concepts

Smart Phones become a staple in our day-to-day lives part of necessity and part of full-fledged addiction for some it’s no wonder that smartphone design continues to push boundaries it was at one time mind-boggling to think that a cell phone could ever take pictures. Top most unusual smartphone concepts. Some of these concepts are still in use but most of them are not continued till now. Because of development in science and technology, the new modes and designs of smartphones with world features have taken the place of these phones but some of these models or concepts are still in use. So, this is the list of some smartphone designs and some details knowledge about these smartphone designs.

Draws Phone: A Phone That Folds

Since we do almost everything on our smartphones including watching movies and tv shows we often want a fairly size screen however carrying around a phone with a big screen can get cumbersome no one wants to walk around a phone with a giant screen but no one wants to watch movies on a tiny screen either so what’s a smartphone user to do well the draws phones concepts attempts to solve that problem this phone is a foldable phone that features a flexible screen that screen doesn’t have a solid frame around it so you can fold and morph the screen as you see fit the phones can be unfolded when the user wants to check things like social media or watch a movies and then when the phones not in use it can be folded back to make it really compact and easy to carry around in fact when it’s folded in you pocket so that this phone checks all the boxes when it comes to portability it’s marketed as a truly foldable smartphone the draws phone is both unusual and revolutionary.

Zanco S Pen: Part Pen, Part Phones

The Zenco S Pen has been called the world’s thinnest mobile phone although it deserves another title to the phone that looks most like a pen the first noteworthy part of the phone is, of course, its small design this design makes a pen really portable which is a key factor in smartphones it also has a few other cool functions it’s actually a combination of a phone a Bluetooth headset a phone recorder a laser pointer and yep you guessed it a stylus pen so no need to search for a pen if you have this phone in your pocket and no need to search for a phone while you’re using this as a pen smartphones have a long way to go in their size and portability but the S Pen is really in a league of its own however it’s important to note that the Zenko S Pen isn’t meant to completely replace your actual cell phone it’s only meant to be used as an additional phone in conjunction to your smartphones it’s sort of like a smartphone accessory except that it’s still a phone so it’s a Smart Phone companion that’s also a smartphone

Nec Flip Phone: Three-Way Display

Want to watch three things at once or check your email on one screen while you through social media and put in an Amazon order all at the same time well with the NEC flip phone you can do exactly that this unusual Phone features a triple display that can be flipped around or folded out depending on the needs of the user so the phone kind of pops out like a tent and it collapses into a curved State and folds like a little book the phone redefines probability and compact design but unlike other phones that are focused on portability this phone doesn’t compromise on any smartphones features phone ven has a full keyboard so users can type easily on the phone screens are connected by Soft steel mesh hinges that allow the device to morph itself into a number of different configurations some of the other most worthy applications are that two different people can watch two different things at once or play a game against each other on the same device and because of its three-way design it doesn’t even need a stand to help it sit on the table what’s the drawback though while three screens means this unusual little phone will use up a lot of battery a minor flaw that hasn’t been addressed yet however in the NEC flip phone it’s also got some pretty cool advnacement over other boring flat phones.

The CAT S60: The Superhero Phone

smartphones are continually pushing the boundaries when it comes to Applications have there was once a time when the thought of watching TV on a phone seemed incredibly science fiction and futuristic but as technology progresses so do potential smartphones applications the cat S60 has something pretty unusual that other phones don’t integrated thermal imaging the creators have stated that the cat S60 is the world’s first phone with a built-in thermal camera this means the phone’s ability to detect heat leakage in rooms overheating and electric wires and measure the temperature in various spaces it also means that users can see in the dark and through smoke see where I’m going with this it’s a fire fighting phone well not really but it could be extremely useful for firefighters as it can give them information from their phones in addition to its extraordinary heat detecting abilities it’s also drop proof the phone has super strength and ide cast frame and Gorilla Glass in phone can withstand a fall from a height of up to seven feet which is higher than the average person’s drop and it’s waterproof too the phone can be left at a depth of 16 feet for an hour and it won’t get damaged the cat S60 it’s really unlike any other phone around it’s part phone part superhero.

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