World’s Top -3 Most Awaited Bus Designs

Every day in some parts of the world, some new technologies are invented and the same happening with our transport industry. It is expected that in the upcoming 5 to 10 years the mode of transportation can drastically change. The bus is one of the most common public transport systems present in almost every country. Due to development in science and technology, our bus designs have changed very fast. In many countries, new models of bushes started running on the road, with more and more advanced features and technologies. Some of them are eco-friendly also with zero carbon emission and zero pollution. These non-pulling bushes are running on either solar or green hydrogen. These bushes are not only non-polluting but also cheaper than old models of buses. For both passengers and climate, these bushes are going to be a profitable deal. The running cost of these buses is almost half that of the old model buses which means the charges of these buses must be half in comparison to its previous charge. In this article, I am going to share details knowledge about some new bus models which have been invented recently. You read t

3. Takht Lahori Bus

A stellar entry into my city a scholarship competition of Instituto European design school of Transportation design the glory is the creation of the Pakistani designer Ali Maktaza the tuck glory is an articulated zero emissions bus that apart from allowing safe and brisk Communication Lahore City the second thickly populated city in Pakistan it will also help improving the environment as a whole so how does something this funky this futuristic and this fantastic work well the tuck glory is powered exclusively by Motors located within the wheels that come with an active suspension and regenerative braking brataza’s bus concept also features what he calls the active bumper which provides a mechanical airbag powered crumple Zone on all sides in case of an accident the in wheel motors wheel motors are backed by Lithium-ion batteries that can be charged by either integrated 3D photovoltaic panels or a regular AC plug the Aesthetics managed to combine the architecture of old and great Mogul Empire with high tech design to create this retro futuristic look that could and maybe should become the new symbol of eco-friendly public transportation and those who do speak Urdu can tell you the meaning of the name taklehori the Lahori Throne a clever name for the clever design concept.

2. Skhy Bus

Portuguese designer Alan Montero has illustrated a version of Green Transportation the likes of which we have yet to covet today he designed the concept of an aerodynamic carbon swallowing water case recycling oxygen releasing an unmanned shuttle bus concept called sky bus he may have given this guy a long resume but the actual building of this breathing bus is far far off into the future according to Montero the Sky’s Ultra lightweight aluminum chassis and aerodynamic design mean that the vehicle wouldn’t require much energy to reach and maintain a comfortable speed whatever the level of power sky does need would be generated by waste water to hydrogen technology and combusted in its highly energy efficient hydrogen fuel cell engine instead of carbon dioxide and particular emissions residual clean waste water would be expelled and subsequently repurposed much like a bus line sky can keep itself on a continuous loop to keep it all going sunlight and solar cells work together to generate electricity for the interior digital displays passenger reading lights and other Contraptions truly making the sky feel alive speaking of Sky the name stands for solar and kinetic energy to produce hydrogen something  this futuristic doesn’t call for a driver either chose to keep his green shutter autonomous allowing it to get a maximum of 128 passengers safety to their destination using GPS and onboard sensors all of this does sound nice on paper but Wasterwater fuel technology just is not there yet not even close and as we move towards EVS less and less money is left for waste water fuel research and development.

1. Neuron EV Electric Bus

l Los Angeles based neuron EV may not be a household name just yet but all of that stands to change when their electric bus is going to hit the road this company has managed to integrate some of its latest and greatest Technologies into this concept like its multi purpose autonomous platform or map a self motorized platform that mounts structures of various sizes for placement and mobile residents and Harmony utility balance or Hub it’s intuitive on demand transportation system the neuron electric bus is packaging all of that and hopefully catapulting us into a cleaner Greener and more importantly smarter state of public transportation  the bus is completely modular meaning the length of the vehicle can be modified to serve in a variety of ways taking on different forms like minibus a Transit bus or articulated bus that can be used for various communities and infrastructures it it also is as close to a real life Transformer as we are gonna get the neuron electric bus is made to be compatible with high speed railways going from a metropolitan bus to a fast metro train in no time this technology is pretty world changing of course the bus will on the cleanest of energies and forego the driver in favour of autonomous driving it makes perfect sense of an eco friendly bus to come out of sunny California the sate leads the way for the rest of the country with Mandate that all the state’s bushes purchased by domestic mass transit agencies should be zero emissions by year 2029. Whether or not that is going to happen is anybody’s guess but neuron EV is doing to get ahead of the curve and this multi-purpose electric bus should have everyone on the edge of their seat no ticket required.

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