Some Incredible Inventions

You know no one can know for sure what the future is going to hold but some current inventions can give us at least a glimpse into what the future might look like inventions have always had the power to change the future and some inventions have had such a prolific impact on the world that it’s impossible to imagine the world without them. We are going to explore some incredible inventions that will change the future.

Invisibility Cloaks

Stepping into the realm of sci-fi and fantasy this next amazing invention has ignited imaginations for centuries what if we could become invisible good invisibility cloaks have always been the stuff of fiction but it turns out we are a little closer than you might think to have the ability to turn ourselves invisible no we have not figured out how to use magic these cloaks utilize science these invisibility cloaks would center around something called metamaterials which are metal-dielectric Composites engineered on the nanoscale basically the composite structure acts electromagnetic radiation to pass freely around an object the material guides light around something creating an illusion that the object is not really there scientists from Duke University created an invisibility cloak using metamaterials in 2006. It did not completely make an object invisible to the human eye but it was a giant leap forward in this technology years later a team from hyper stealth biotechnology Corporation in Canada developed something they called quantum stealth it is patented prototype material that is being developed for military use the material could be used to hide things like Jets and tanks and combat as well as military personnel videos and pictures of quantum stealth technology are pretty unbelievable and speak to the future of invisibility cloaking.

Flying Jets

Just like something straight out of a scene from The Jetsons it might not be long before we are flying around in cars too personal flying vehicles have alredy been invented Sky Drive for example is an emission free ultra uiet compact personal vehicle that looks so futuristic it looks lie it belongs on another planet it is still in the Prototype stages though but the idea is that this little vehicle can transport you or Goods more quickly and effficeently than Road Mount Vehicles it can fly autonomously or with a polot and has a maximum speed of about 100 kmp and a flying altitude of about 500 meters and long with simple peronal pleasure this flying vehicle has some other significant applicaion sit could for example be used in emergency situations instesd of being at the mercy of Roads or traffic flying vechiles could quickly trasnport paramedics and patients without any hold UPS it could also travel easily to places that cars cann’t which could be especially useful for rescue mission so how close are we to driving in the skies well Sky Drive showcased their Prototype at the CES 2022 and the Prototype was called sdo3 and they intend to use that meode as an air taxi they also intend to have the next iteration the sd 05 ready for the 2025 World Expo so please fasten your seatbelts and ensure that your tables are in their upright positions because we might be skybound sooner than you think.

Floating Farming

As Cities continue ot grow the invention of floating farms offers a way for people to ger fresh profuce and other products without taking up valuable space within the cities the First floating Farm is located in Rotterdam and it is a fresh floating dairy farm there are 40 cows that live on the farm and the milk and other dairy products processed right on dite the farm was created by Peter and Minka van wings garden and the idea is to use residula peoducts from cities like food waste and cut gras from Parks it will also cut down food Transportation because the floating Frams are close to the cities nulike Rular Frams which are often preety far both wiil in trun cut down on the carbon footprint of food production and trasnportaion now theser floating FArms will also utilize solar energy via solar penels as well as rain water these Farms could be built on any type of water including nearby lakes and oceans and futhermore thay can include not just dairy farms but most types of Agriculture and their close proximity to the cities they feed could redce the cost to consumer so perhaps it would allow people to eat fresher and healthier foods floating Farms they are an amazing invention that apeaks to the future of sustainable agriculture and they really have the potential to change the face of farming plus they look rally cool too.

3D Printed Food

3D Printed Food is an invention that is already changing the world and we are still exploring the Realms of what we can do with this amazing technology but when it comes to significant applications for 3D printing printed food is an amazing invention that has the potential to change the world as we know it in fact it already is changing the world as 3D printed food is popping up in restaurants currently we are pretty Limited in what foods we can pint paste like inputs such as mosses chocolate ganache purees mashes doughts and soft cheeses the process is the same as with anything 3D printed the soft material is fed into a syringe like a container and then the mixture is extruded from a nozzle that moves around and traces a shape to form 2D layers one at a time 3D food is really only used in gourmet restaurants right now as a cool novelty menu item but this type of 3D printing is still in its infancy the benefits are plentiful it allows for normally unappetizing foods tube look aesthetic and therefore more appealing nutrient and vitamin rich foods like insects puree could be presented in a beautiful way so instead of eating insects still ininsect foem or even worse insect mush they could be printed into an intricate and lovely little insect candy and 3D printing food allows for a level of precision that the human hands simply cann’t mate so you print up some pretty complex and wild food this way and of course it is far less labor intensive than actually preparing the food it is hard just ot say hoe much of an impact 3D food printing will have but it is safe to say that it will have some sort of impact even if it is just making healthy but gross looking foods more appetzing.

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